Money Mistakes Young People Make Today 

How people use money seems to differ from one generation to another. It may depend on how they may be brought up or on their early experience regarding finances. Adults today may have a different means of trying to save for their future as compared to those of a generation or two ago. In the same way, financial mistakes each generation makes are bound to differ as well.  For the younger generation of today, her

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Common Money Mistakes You Should Avoid

It can be a challenge for many people to save money. It is not so much on whether they have enough to save up. Most of the time, making poor money choices is the main reason why people fail to save enough for a rainy day of for their future. There are many common money mistakes most people are guilty of making here are just some of them. Spending more on housing Most people like the idea of owning their own home. H

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Common Mistakes That Can Affect Your Retirement

Retirement should be a time for rest and relaxation for people who have spend years and years in the rat race and stressful environments. But then again, it will depend on how you prepare for your eventual retirement. Come unprepared and you will end up becoming more stressed in your retirement years. You can easily ruin your future retirement if you make the following money mistakes. Paying off debts first before

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Common Retirement Money Mistakes

Planning for retirement can be quite a challenge for many people. In this day and age of economic uncertainty, more and more people are becoming quite unsure of what their own retirement will hold for them. That is why it pays to prepare for retirement early. But in some cases, people make common mistakes when it comes to retirement planning. They do try to save up for their future. But they make some mistakes alon

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Biggest Mistakes Retirees Make

Retirement is supposed to be time for relaxation and enjoyment. But getting there takes time and preparation. It is sad that there are quite a lot of retirees who may have committed certain mistakes that somehow made their retirement quite difficult instead. Here are some of the biggest money mistakes most retirees make. Retiring Without Preparing A lot of people seem to put off preparing for their retirement until

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