Types Of Online Scams That Target Retirees

Retirement may not always be a bed of roses for many people. Even for those who planned and prepared for it, there are some things that would-be retirees should be aware. For one, there is the threat of online scams that target seniors.

There are now online scams that have been targeting retirees to an increasing degree. Since more and more seniors are now into exploring the exciting online world, a lot of them may not be aware of the underlying risks while doing so. Many online scams target seniors not only because they are easier to trick. Seniors also become enticing victims because of their hard-earned pensions. There are a lot of online scams out there that try to get many retirees to part with their retirement fund. Here are just some of them.

Online Lottery Scams

Winning the lottery is a popular way identity thieves use to scam many retirees online. Senior may get email messages that say they have been lucky to win a lottery worth millions. This can sometimes cause many seniors to get excited and put their guard down. Winning will require them to provide sensitive personal identification such as Social Security or even credit card numbers. Giving out such information online can them leave many unwitting retirees at risk of their private personal data stolen from them and used in a number of ways.

Fake Prescription Drug Scams

With old age comes the need for more prescription medications so that seniors can live better and longer. But these drugs can be quite expensive. Some online scams work to trick many retirees from the fact that they need such prescription drugs. These scams try to offer fake prescription drugs and market it as a cheaper alternative to common but expensive medications used by a lot of seniors. But the main objective of people behind the scam is to try and make retirees give out their credit card or insurance information online. Not only will the scam steal their private personal information if it succeeds, there is also a severe threat to the victim’s health when taking a questionable drug thinking it is a legitimate one.

Online Vacation Scams

With many retirees always searching for that next vacation spot to explore and visit, many can easily be deceived by fake offers of free vacations online. It can be an ad to a popular destination at cheap price packages. Many retirees may be lured to the bargain vacation and then try to grab it by paying for the down payment or reservation fee. But then the supposed cheap vacation turns out to be non-existent. The victims lose money instead of saving on a bargain.


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