Staying Mentally Sharp With Age

The body undergoes a lot of changes with age. From a baby to becoming an adult, the body goes through rapid growth and development. But from an adult onwards, the body begins on a state of decline. This includes brain function. Advancing age can eventually have an effect on a person’s cognitive abilities. As a person ages, brain function starts on a gradual decline. This may become an increasing issue among seniors. But there are ways to continue and stay mentally sharp. Here are some ways how to.

Control Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

If you have elevated cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, you are at risk of certain health conditions that can affect your brain. The risks include heart disease, stroke, and also certain types of dementia. These conditions can have a drastic effect on how the blood supply gets to your brain. Limited blood supply and oxygen can impair your cognitive function. Maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels through healthy diet and exercise can help prevent the gradual decline of your brain function.

Stimulate Your Brain

One way to keep your brain sharp is to try and stimulate it. When a brain experiences new stimuli, it continues to build new neuron pathways among the brain cells. This helps build new communication pathways that allow the brain to stay sharp. Try to do some mentally stimulating exercises such as solving puzzles, starting a new hobby, or learning new skills. This will help give the stimulation the brain needs to keep it sharp.

Follow A Healthy Diet And Exercise

A healthy diet and regular exercise can also help you keep mentally sharp despite your age. A diet rich in antioxidants like vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids helps keep your brain healthy. Avoiding saturated fats can also prevent inflammation in the brain that can impair its proper function. Regular exercise helps maintain the blood flow into the brain to keep it supplied with nutrients and oxygen to keep it healthy. Regular exercise also helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure, which can have an effect on cognitive function.


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