Retirement Friendly Cities in the U.S.

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If you are looking for places where you can retire and look for work at the same time, there are cities across the US that have age-friendly jobs. These cities even provide low costs of living and even other amenities with which individuals at the age of 50 or so can live along with their families.

So if you are a retiree yourself and you wish to go to an age-friendly city that has an environment which provides good jobs for those aged fifty and above, you may go these places listed below.

The cities

In the Northeast: Harrisburg or Lancaster (Pennsylvania) and Nashua (New Hampshire). In the Mid-Atlantic or Southeast: Bethesda (Maryland), Leesburg or Winchester (Virginia), Fayetteville (Arkansas), Raleigh or Durham, (North Carolina), Tampa or St. Petersburg or Saratosa (Florida), and the region of Washington, D.C.

In the Central or Midwest region: Louisville (Kentucky), Columbus (Ohio), Knoxville (Tennessee), and Indianapolis (Indiana). In the Southwest or Mountain: San Antonio (Texas), Phoenix (Arizona), and Greeley (Colorado).

In the Upper Midwest or Great Plains: Madison (Wisconsin), Ann Arbor (Michigan), Kansas City (Missouri), and the region of Minneapolis. In the Northwest or West Coast: Medford (Oregon) and Sacramento (California).

What these cities offer

The good thing about these cities is the fact that they provide work environment that has a friendly attitude towards retirees who are looking for jobs. An even greater freebie in this case is that the housing costs are low and cost efficient.

The jobs present in these cities range from financial services or banking, retail, food or customer services even tutors and bus drivers. The occupations present in there also range from temporary and contract employment.

With the recession today, it is best that we plan for the best when it comes to retirement. Moreover, the chance of grabbing the right opportunity remains the best ideas that will always provide us a better way of life in the future.


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