Retirement Expectation Myths

shutterstock_23578597People may have certain expectations when it comes to retirement. While most of them may involve financial matters, there are certain things that people expect about retirement life in general. Unfortunately, a number of what they expect turn out to be untrue. Here are some of the common retirement expectation myths that people tend to have in mind.

More time to spend with family and friends.

Some people are excited about retirement because they view it as a period when they can finally spend more time with their families. Being busy with work and career may have prevented others to spend some quality time with the kids or with the grandkids. Retirees may think that this time they will have the time to focus on family relationships. But sometimes, the problem may not be on the availability of your time, but if your kids or your friends have the time available for you. You may get discouraged if you find out that your kids may be busy this time with their lives and may not always be available to bond with you. Your friends may not always be there since they also have their own lives to worry about. You may be willing to spend some quality time with them this time around. But will they be always available for you? Would they want to? Do not expect that just because you retire, you will now have some quality time with your family or close friends. It does not always work that way. You will realize that on most days, you will only be on your own.

Retirement is always vacation time.

Some people believe that retirement is a work-free stage in life. They no longer have to worry about working and instead be more concerned about how to spend their vacation. Retirement is a time to enjoy and be carefree. But realistically, this is very far from the truth.

It is good to think about retirement as nothing less than a happy and carefree vacation. But the worries do not really go away. There are some other concerns that will take the place of others. Retirees will increasingly worry about their health. They will become concerned about how to spend all these spare time. There are also worries whether people will outlive their retirement fund. In reality, retirement is not always about vacation time. And certainly, it is anything but carefree.

Retiring together as a couple is a great idea.

Couples usually like to imagine life after retirement. They find the idea of retiring at the same time as a good idea. After several years of staying busy building each other’s professional careers, spending retirement at the same time seems to be the right thing to do. But it may not always end up as what they expected.

Couples should also bear in mind that life at retirement is not always what they imagined. Retiring together as a couple will suddenly give both more time to spend on what they like to do. Spending the time with each other may not always come out as what couples may expect. After leading busy lives where each partner barely has time to spend with each other, retirement suddenly may become a revelation. It may feel awkward at first having all the time to spend with each other. After awhile, this notion becomes a very overwhelming issue, especially if couples have not planned what to do with their time.

If you wish to retire together as a couple, make sure that you are aware of the changes that will come along the way. Create a plan together on how you will be spending your retirement years together. Do not just plan to spend it at home sitting and resting. Enjoy it and plan some activities or even exciting adventures. Try to include into your plans how you can take some time away from each other pursuing different interests and hobbies. It will help keep your retirement exciting and more worthwhile.


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