Life After Retirement

When thinking about retirement investing, a lot of people probably might be preparing mostly on the financial aspect of things. People worry about how they can more effectively save up some part of their income and invest it for retirement.

But aside from that, people should also be taking care of "other" investments that may also be necessary when they finally find themselves at that point of their lives where they eventually retire in comfort and enjoy.

Apart from the financial side of preparing for retirement, people should also learn to invest early on other important aspects of retirement. These "investments" might also need some careful study and monitoring, just like your financial retirement investments.

Establishing them early on as well as maintaining their progress will pay off dividends for you, come retirement time. Here are two of the other essential investments that you may need to prepare for other than the financial aspect of retirement that may also pay handsome dividends later on for you.


Health is a valuable investment that many people fail to make early on in life. It is a kind of investment that many people just fail to give importance to. Most people may only begin to show concern about their health later in life, when they already begin to feel the aches and pains of age. But at this time, investing on it might already be a bit late.

Good health is essential for people wishing to enjoy life after their retirement. Maintaining good health early in life will ensure that a future retiree may still be capable in being active and enjoy life to the fullest even in such an age.

It would be a different and sad case at retirement when you instead find yourself making frequent visits to your doctor or just staying in bed because you are just too tired to do anything all of the time. Now that is not the way to enjoy retirement. Invest early in your health and you may be able to avoid taking this distressing and sad retirement route.


Having good relationships become even more important when you retire. It is just different enjoying your retirement along with friends and loved ones.

There is a certain kind of joy and enrichment that a retiree would feel when surrounded with other people while enjoying life after retirement. Making sure that you find yourself in this state during your own retirement would largely depend on how much you have given some time on building such relationships as an investment.

Relationships are investments that pay handsome dividends later on in life. Without them, retirement might not be as enjoyable. Companionship with friends and loved ones becomes all the more valuable at an age where it might be just as easy to find yourself alone in life.

Investing in relationships early and taking time to maintain and nurture them would ensure that retirement would be welcomed rather than something to be dreaded.

Preparing for retirement isn’t always just about the money. There is actually more that you need to prepare for and invest in.

Good health and relationships are just two aspects that people should also devote some time for and invest in. These might not require top dollars from your pocket to start investing in, but they should become a very important part of every one’s retirement portfolio.


Posted by Ardent Editor on Nov 14 2007 in Retirement Life

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