Retirement Checklist

Here are your Retirement Checklist:

Time your retirement to fit your goals. Following are some items to consider.

Determine the source of medical insurance for your family and verify your retirement eligibility.

Consider whether any individual disability coverage will still be needed. Contact your insurance provider to determine if there is an offset provision for other income received.

Evaluate your personal investments to determine if they are still appropriate.

Consider status of taxation after retirement, and time any taxable income to be received when income levels and tax rates are expected to be lower.

Review your estate planning.

Consider how emergency expenses will be handled. Make an effort to eliminate any debt, and pay off obligations for large purchases.

Consider how future large purchases, such as a car, appliances, home renovations, etc., will be financed. Consider making these purchases before retirement.

Decide what you are going to do after retirement; Second career, hobbies and leisure activities, volunteer work, part-time work


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