Retire Well for Less Than You Think

Spending their retirement on a small income is something that might worry a lot of people. But if it is any consolation, finding yourself in such a situation need not be the end of a comfortable life for you.

There are many ways that you can do to still live well even on a limited retirement budget. But it will take some effort on your part in order to effectively stretch out every dollar to be spent on things that are really essential.

Worrying about retirement is something that may not be such a surprise for most people today. A lot of people worry that they may just not have enough to make do during their retirement years. But people should also consider that how a person will fare during retirement will ultimately depend on the person and the type of lifestyle that he has become accustomed to.

There are people who think that they can spend a comfortable retirement on a couple thousand dollars a month. There are also other people who might be appalled finding themselves living with such a paltry sum every month come retirement time.

Whatever the situation, it always pays to save. And this applies all the more for people who wish to retire well even on a small income. Here are some tips that you might consider if you really do find yourself one day spending your retirement years having an income lower than expected.

One of the first things that you should consider if you find yourself living on a smaller than expected income on retirement is to give your monthly budget a thorough review.

Once you retire, you will realize that you may have to change your monthly budget. You may have to change some of the entries that you may have before. You might find yourself no longer taking that daily trip to the office so you might either cross your transportation expense entirely or reduce quite a substantial amount from it.

Upon reviewing your monthly budget, take a closer look at where you think might be able to reduce spending in order to save up considerable dollars. Maybe you might want to take a look at your expenses on clothing or your phone bills.

It may be possible to reduce a considerable amount on your clothing budget since you might find it unnecessary to buy additional new clothes. This might be proper especially if you wish to spend most of your retirement years staying at home. You can focus on reviewing other optional entries on your monthly budget to see if they might already be unnecessary.

To further save on a small income that you may have on your retirement, you might consider relocating to a more affordable location. Living in a big city on a small retirement income would be disastrous. But you will see that you may be able to fare well living peacefully in a small town that may afford a considerably lower yet comfortable and affordable standard of living.

You should also take a look at possible employment options available for you when you retire. That would provide you with additional income to supplement your retirement funds.

Finding part-time work can provide you with a productive way to spend your retirement time. Not only that, it can also help further stretch out the income that you may have to work with during your retirement.


Posted by Ardent Editor on Nov 28 2007 in Money 101

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