How to Earn Supplemental Income


Do you have a supplementary income? This is the kind of income you generate apart from the income you receive from your main job or work. It can come from a variety of sources, such as a small business, a supplemental job, a profitable hobby or talent, and interest or earnings on a particular investment.

Making a supplementary income is in many ways helpful when it comes to investing. There are jobs out there that do not require any special skills at all. You can make the most of it and help yourself generate enough income for your retirement.

Below are six ways on how to do that.

Offer your skills

Are you good at writing? Do you have a talent for design? There are online and non-online sites where you can place an ad and offer your services. Even the newspaper will do.

Some skills such as IT-related skills allow you to earn up to $200 or more a day. All you have to do is specify the number of work hours in a day. On a weekly basis, you can get to earn enough to start a small savings fund.

Have college degree, will tutor

You can advertise your talent for helping students in their studies. You can do this on your local school just as long as you tell the principal of your good tutoring skills. You may have as many 4-5 kids as you like in one classroom. Offer your time in the afternoons or in evenings.

Offer your manual skills

Are you good at carpentry or house repairs? Can you troubleshoot in electronic items? Reliability is one of the best traits sought after in this area. You can charge as low as $30 per hour.

Depending on how you think you are good at it, you may charge as high as you like to. You may even want to offer your services as a caretaker for people who consider their houses as their second homes and earn at about $300 per month.

Get into the event circuit

You can offer your services to clients who like to have business events, activities or parties. You can earn hundreds of dollars for event planning, coordination and management.

Local clubs like the Rotary may look for services as well as other organizations and groups. Just send a letter to the organizations that you know and in no time, you may receive an invitation to help them for a price.

Are you artistically creative?

Do you paint, draw, sculpt or are good in arts and crafts? Turn the things that you enjoy doing into something profitable.

For instance, if you are someone who knows how to make gift baskets, you may charge $10 a piece to your clients. This is so simple a business you may even earn at about $50 per hour depending on how much you charge your clients.

Is IT your identity?

Truth is, there are professionals out there who lack the basic skills regarding their computers. So as long as you are familiar with the MS Office applications, even how to scan a photo, you may earn $40 an hour. You can send out ads over the Internet to let them know about your services.


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