Signs You May Not Be Ready For Retirement

Retirement can be a sensitive topic for some people. It all depends on how people have been able to prepare for it. Unfortunately, a lot stillĀ  feel that they are not yet ready to retire. There are even some who also do not know if they are ready or not. Here are some signs that indicate that you may not yet be ready for retirement.

Not Ready For Health Care Costs

Even though if you do not suffer from any health condition yet, if you are not prepared for the future health care costs of retirement, then you may not yet be ready. Healthcare is one of the major reasons why some have to spend a lot during retirement. It can eat up a huge chunk of your retirement budget easily. You must at least have to set aside funds to address your health care costs apart from your expected daily retirement spending budget. This way, the costs won’t offset money that you have allocated for some other things that will make your retirement more memorable and meaningful.

Financial Obligations

Still having some debts to take care of will not make your retirement any easier. If you plan to retire before you take care of your financial obligations can worsen the situation for you, especially if you do not have the means to earn extra income during this stage of your life. The best time to enter into retirement is if you already have taken cared of your debts and other financial liabilities before taking the next step.

Average Retirement Savings

In this day and age, average does not seem to be enough anymore. This is also true with your retirement fund. If you just plan to save up for your retirement based on what is currently the average, you will realize later on that it might not be enough. You may not have taken into consideration inflation, rise in commodity prices, economic downturns and other factors that may affect the total value of your “average” retirement savings.


Posted by Ardent Editor on Jun 12 2017 in Financial Planning

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