Understanding Annuities

Retirement planning needs to be a lifelong process in order to work well. People need to save up a portion of their earnings and invest for their retirement fund for a majority of their working life to come up with enough to sustain a comfortable retirement. People will also have to deal with the different retirement saving options available to them. An annuity is just one of them. What is it? An annuity is a type

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How Variable Annuities Work

Variable annuities are annuities that are linked to investments. In comparison to a fixed annuity, the rate of a variable annuity varies. Therefore, there are several ways in which one will receive from a variable annuity. Because of the varying return of the investment, no one knows how much the return of investment will be. Upon using a variable annuityIf you want to use a variable annuity over a fixed annuity, you may do so with the following options:there is a potential for an increased grow…

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The Basics of Annuity

Aside from 401K and Ira, the annuity (whether variable or fixed) can be a great retirement vehicle. Annuities have some of the same benefits you can get from other retirement plans, but it usually does not have contribution limits, income limits, or mandatory withdrawals that 401K and traditional Ira provide. Here are what you should know before choosing an annuity as your retirement plan.Categories of an annuity This retirement plan falls into two categories: fixed and variable annuities. A fix…

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Annuity and Retirement Planning

Retirement is not something that one should take lightly. While some never even bother to prepare for it, retirement may come sooner or later and the consequences may depend on how you good you prepare for it. A comfortable retirement is the result of early financial planning. Being aware that you might still need some form of income to depend on even on your retirement is the first step towards formulating an effective financial plan that would work for you. Every plan would require putting you…

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Benefits of Fixed Annuity

A fixed annuity is an investment vehicle that you can place your money in with earnings based on a guaranteed interest rate. Is this a good place to store your money in for your retirement? Let us examine its benefits. An annuity is simply an agreement between an individual and an insurance company guaranteeing to pay a series of income payments in exchange for invested funds. With a number of annuity types available out there, the fixed annuity seems to provide the best option for people saving…

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What are the Different Types of Annuities?

Contemplating retirement would sometimes depend on how prepared you are for it. If you are opting for an early retirement, you should also be considering if you already have the means for it. This will usually depend on how much you have saved up for such an occasion. Planning your retirement takes years and years of saving some of your hard-earned money. This will take a keen sense of investing them in order to get the most gains that will help make your upcoming retirement more comfortable. On…

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